CUGH's Capacity Building Site

Strengthening training in low income countries by connecting trainers with the training needs of institutions in those countries.

The deficit in skilled human resources across a wide range of biomedical and non-biomedical areas is increasing every year. This is particularly acute in low and low middle-income countries. In response to this challenge, the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) has created this online capacity building platform. Its purpose is to help institutions in low income countries connect with trainers and the educational products they need. The site has two parts: the first enables institutions to list their specific training needs; the second, is a portal for institutions to list the trainers they have who are interested in providing the training. We are inviting academic institutions, governments and NGOs in low resource settings to use this platform to share their training needs. To see the requests for training needs/offers to provide trainers click on the SEARCH button on the top of this page

Institutions that would like to use this site should:

  1. Register
  2. Share specific training needs or training resources
  3. Approach institutions who may meet their needs.

Scope: The primary goal of this project is to enable institutions to independently develop and maintain partnerships to strengthen training in resource limited settings. This initiative does not engage in the direct creation or maintenance of any partnerships. CUGH bears no legal/ financial responsibility for the information listed on this site or for any partnerships made.

Technical Focus: The database is intended to be broad and include any relevant discipline within global health (medicine, nursing, public health, law, engineering, management, etc.). Academia, governments and NGOs are encouraged to use it. It is not a platform for commercial interests to sell their products.

Access: Populating the training needs part of the database is open only to institutions in Low and Low Middle Income countries. Access to viewing the needs or inputting educational products is open to all.

For questions please contact: