Seeking Partnership (Future Training) / Providing Training Expertise

Clinical Pharmacy/ Application of Pharmacy Practice Based on Community/ Institutional Needs

Long Island University, United States

Offering partnership with any institution/ establishment/ community looking for appropriate medication use support including access, counseling, prevention, patient safety, risk mitigation, & others. Willing to work with any level of foundational knowledge and skill levels of workers participating in these areas/ with opportunities to provide these services. 

Additional info

We have worked with educational institutions and hospitals/ clinics both public and private in countries such as Thailand, Costa Rica & Sierra Leone. Our goal is to support and provide training applicable and relevant to the needs of the populations served as well as any workforce gaps. 

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Other info

We are a private non-profit Doctor of Pharmacy program based in Brooklyn, NY. We foster international partnerships for the purpose of building culturally competent healthcare professionals while supporting and initiating efforts to advance pharmacy practice globally. Though most of our affiliations are through the profession of pharmacy, we are also open and hopeful to support community health workers and nurses who currently take on these roles in strained resource areas.  

Key Information

Month(s) of trainingNot Applicable (Anytime possible)
Duration of training1 to 2 years
Audience / ParticipantsHealth Care Professional(s) (Not listed - please specify), University Assistant Professor, University Associate Professor
Trainee number11-30
Complexity of TrainingUnspecified
Language(s) of instructionEnglish
Format of TrainingHybrid (Online and In-person), Online, Other, Unspecified
Training Location (Institution Type)Other
Current Training LevelAdvanced
Cl/T OptionsNo - General training only, without a specific clinical or technical focus, Yes - A specific DISEASE, DIAGNOSIS, or public health ISSUE
AudienceOther Health Related Professions, Pharmacology
Audience Training LevelIn-service (e.g. in the workplace, field level, continuing education)