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Introduction & Seeking Mentorship in Global Mental Health

Private Practice, United States

Greetings! I wanted to share a brief introduction here and post my interest in obtaining mentorship! I am thrilled to learn about this forum and look forward to connecting with others. I hope to find a mentor who can provide knowledge and guidance as I work to transition from work in the private practice setting to therapeutic education and capacity building in global mental health arena. As a licensed professional counselor practicing in Ohio, United States, with a specialization in clinical mental health counseling and a master’s degree in the field, I have accumulated valuable experience working with diverse individuals, couples, and groups within a therapeutic context. My treatment approach encompasses a wide range of disorders, including depression and anxiety, with specialized training in treating PTSD. Grounded in the interpersonal process, my therapeutic orientation is founded on the fundamental role of human beings as inherently social and relational persons. Moreover, mindfulness practices are integral to both my personal and professional approach.

Currently, my focus lies in further developing my proficiency in group therapy, acknowledging the increasing demand for therapeutic services. Consequently, I am actively pursuing certification in Group-Interpersonal Psychotherapy (G-IPT). My professional aspirations revolve around advancing therapeutic education and supervision in global mental health with a specific emphasis on training and capacity building. With this goal in mind, I plan to pursue a doctoral degree in clinical psychology, specializing in researching effective models of training and supervision for community workers empowered with therapeutic techniques via task shifting methodologies. Particularly intriguing to me is the potential of utilizing digital networks to enhance access to competent supervision and training for individuals who lack local supervisory resources. Ultimately, my aim is to contribute to a Clinical Psychology Doctoral program, teaching and training clinicians who are dedicated to expanding the accessibility of mental health resources for underserved populations on a global scale.

As I embark on this transformative journey, I am eager to connect with a mentor who possesses expertise and experience in the field of global mental health. My primary objective is to receive guidance and instruction that will not only support my career progression and advanced education but also enable me to disseminate the knowledge I have acquired through my academic pursuits. To this end, I would be immensely grateful for mentorship that can facilitate meaningful connections with research projects and reputable institutions actively involved in the realm of global mental health.

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With regard to mentorship expectations, I hope to establish an ongoing relationship with a mentor who can provide insights and guidance as I navigate this field. Regular check-ins, ideally on a monthly basis, would offer an opportunity to discuss my aspirations and the practical steps necessary to pursue them. I am committed to taking actionable steps toward building a meaningful career in this field and would sincerely appreciate the time and expertise that you might be able to provide, even if it involves a one-off conversation rather than extended mentorship. I look forward to connecting with others in the space, especially those with similar interests!

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John-Paul Dombrowski

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Current Training LevelBeginner
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